EQ Cheat Sheet - PDF Digitial Download
Equalization (or “EQing”) is an essential process to a great sounding mix and knowing how to do it right will definitely make your mixes sound better. When it comes to EQing it’s very important to know the main frequency ranges...
Frequency to Note Chart
Find the note of a certain frequency with this Frequency to Note Chart
DynaEQ - Dynamic EQ for Ableton
DynaEQ is a 4 Band Dynamic EQ Audio Effect Rack for Ableton Live 10.The Rack makes creative use of Envelope Follower from Max4Live, as well as Ableton’s Built-In effects EQ Eight, Auto Filter, Utility, and Gate.
Mid/Side OTT Audio Effect Rack for Ableton
This Free Ableton Audio Effect Rack allows you to add the OTT Compression effect to both the Mid and Side signal controlled by two macro knobs. 
WIDEN - One Knob Ableton Audio Effect Rack
WIDEN, an Audio Effect Rack for Ableon Live 10.1, uses a combination of Utility and EQ Eight to split the signal into Mid/Side and apply stereo width.
Trapsoul Sample Pack
This FREE Trapsoul Sample Pack is influenced by Bryson Tiller, the RnB singer who has turned Trapsoul into a genre. Trapsoul is RnB & Hip Hop Music on steriods with a little Trap and Soul mixed together. This is a...
The Lil Xan sample pack includes 30+ free Trap samples to allow you to start making sad rap type beats! As always we’ve included the one shots of all the different kicks, snares, hats and synth sounds. We’ve also included...
Palmas - Ableton Max4Live Device
Palmas allows you to create up to 32 pairs of hands that clap with varying stereo position, velocity, playback speed, and attack when any midi note-on message is received.    
SP303 Vinyl Simulator
The SP-303 Vinyl Sim is a free emulation of the Vinyl Sim effect on the SP303 made by Kwazi. There is actually a bit more control with this Ableton Rack than on the original device. It is compatible with Ableton Live 10 and...
SP1200 Style Ableton Audio Effect Rack
This is an “SP1200” Audio Effect Rack for Ableton Live. How did we do it? I sampled two drum loops into my SP 1200 and back, and then put those on an audio track in Live and decided to try...
Kits Kreme Ultimate Chillhop
Ultimate Chillhop contains 4 lofi / chillhop construction kits along with bonus loops and sounds. A lush and natural sounding pack of downtempo piano loops, melodic loops and drum loops. Mix and match these loops to create your own unique...
Over 150 XFer Serum Presets designed for Hybrid Trap, Riddim, and Dubstep
Over 150 XFer Serum Presets designed for Hybrid Trap, Riddim, and Dubstep... all for $10.00
Learn Music Theory with The Music Theory Building Blocks for Modern Day Producers - PDF
I've bet you heard, and possibly even believe that music theory isn't required to make great music. While it is possible to make great music without music theory, you will be very limited in what you can do.  Let me...
Kits Kreme Electric Trap
'Electric Trap' is a flawless Electronic Trap sample collection full of leading-edge melodic loops. Inside you'll find contemporary melodic compositions to help you jump start your next project. These unusual loops will help you step outside of your comfort zone...
GET AHEAD OF THE GAME WITH THE PREMIUM FUTURE BASS/FUTURE POP SOUNDS! Mellodyzedd combines Marshmello and Zedd. It is not a big surprise, because these Producers/DJ’s are on the top of their game right now! But not only Marshmello and...
Audien Hindsight Style Progressive House Ableton Live 10 Project File
Learn the secrets behind Progressive House with this Premium Audien Style Progressive House template for Ableton Live 10.
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